Sometimes a bit tongue-in- cheek, but always with a strong underlying message to deliver; Canada’s Happenstance deftly walks the line between genres to form a crossover “Custom Canadiana” style that’s hard to pin down but hard to resist since 2011. The band grew from an acoustic folk trio in 2008 to the more pop-flavored sound of today, mixing influences from all band members. They won the Montreal LME music contest in 2010 (against 120 bands from across Quebec) and again The Coalition Underground contest in 2012.

With the addition of the dynamic Tamara Clark on lead vocals, their long anticipated album “Everything Changes” takes the band to new heights of emotion through ballads and rockers that explore the feelings of love, loss and celebration.

Straightforward songs with catchy hooks combine with powerhouse vocals to make their music accessible and relevant to listeners of all ages.

With songwriting accolades and strong CD reviews on all three albums; airplay from Canada to the U.S. to Europe, Happenstance’s magic will capture you at first listen.