Folk singer – MATT STEADY

Matt Steady

Singer/songwriter Matt Steady of Leicester, England, chooses to identify his sound with blues and folk, reflected in his intimate live performances, but his recordings draw from a much broader palette of musical genres. Having been classically trained in piano, violin and musical theory, Steady’s growing frustration with the “notes on the page” philosophy eventually led to him picking up a guitar, emulating blues legends by ear instead. After years of performing what he describes as “extra-ordinary covers”, he has clearly experienced enough joy and heart-ache to allow him to write genuine and honest, non-
trivial lyrics.

Steady’s grizzled appearance aptly matches his musical style and tone. His voice is rugged and raspy, in sharp contrast to the fragile lyrics and delicate instrumental arrangements. He draws on a wide range of musical genres from blistering electric blues to agonising acoustic singer-songwriter tracks, from beautiful and expansive Celtic landscapes, back to traditional folk. Every track is unique, with a different style, yet flows from one medium to another with a sense of shape and purpose.