J-HEN – On To The Next


J-Hen’s latest single, ‘On To The Next’ was produced in Miami, FL at the infamous The Hit Factory Criteria Recording Studios.  The single was written and produced by members of RichGang/Cash Money Record’s production team and features rapper Yng Rell from Danville, VA.  The single ‘On To The Next’ embodies a relationship going left after a series of events take place leading up to a heartbroken free person. Similar to an anthem for the newly single, J-Hen may have given Beyonce a run for her money!

J-Hen is an R&B/Hip-Hop recording artist from the Dallas metroplex area.  His passion for music first began at an early age.  During his middle school years, he taught himself how to write his own songs and in less than a few months had formed a rap group with a couple of friends. Soon after this time he fused the concept of rapping with singing and began to write, produce, and record music! While still in high school he and his friends released their first LP which included tracks of J-Hen singing. It was after this LP that J-Hen decided to switch over to R&B and he has been writing and producing music ever since.

J-Hen grew up listening to such idols as Michael Jackson, Timbaland, Luther Vandross, and Marvin Gaye to name a few and has developed his own style that is very different with gripping vocals and shredding lyrics that are the heart and soul of his music. His songs are sensual and sassy and have a whole lot of soul.

J-Hen creates his music from his heart about what he feels and from experiences he has gained from those feelings. J-Hen eases listeners into the sensual and hot soulful grooves of his music that will without fail arouse in audiences the sultry images the R&B singer has provided in his vocals.  The contagious hooks and playful lyrics will stay etched in the listener’s mind long after the tracks have stopped spinning. With a soulful suavity, the slow, smooth flow of his songs and the fast hyped dance tones will have clubbers gravitating to the dance floors. Listeners will definitely be pulled in by J-Hen’s track’s sassy style and tenacious lyrics.

J-Hen says having a strong faith in God, integrity, and a willingness to not accept defeat is what helps him stay grounded.  With the backing of his mom, who is also his manager and the CEO of HipStars Entertainment, J-Hen’s independent label in Dallas, Texas, J-Hen will continue to stay in the game and keep striving for success.  J-Hen is showing the world that he is on his way with his incredible writing skills and vocal talent and he has the talent and drive to take the music world on by storm.