Look At These Amazing Photos Taken By KITSUNE VISUAL

Kitsune Visual was started by Anshil Popli and his childhood friend Alvin Wu. They’d been taking photographs together for a long while but never really thought that they could do anything about it due to a competitive industry outlook.


As more people started to take interest and provide them with the reassurance they needed, they thought that maybe they could do this. They knew they wanted to shoot music videos for rappers but they also wanted to maintain a collective for their travels and encourage people to keep exploring. They also wanted to enter different mediums of photography such as challenging their minds with advertisement. Getting full creative control over a product and deciding how to market it was a fascinating idea to them and they thought that their services could also help other young promising Bay Area companies make their dent in the industry.


Anshil enjoys the aspect of shooting rap videos, showing people the world and also helping other companies with their visual art equally.

As Anshil says: “It’s an intimate experience and it allows us to see a variety of hustles, we are privileged to be able to capture these moments.”

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