A New Star Is On The Rise – JILLIAN MANCINI


Born in Greenpoint Brooklyn, Ms. Jillian was surrounded by Hip-hop, R&B, and Pop. She began singing and dancing at the age of 7, where she quickly climbed up the ladder at a local dance academy. Competing all over NYC and placing 1st and 2nd place, Ms. Jillian soon realized that music was something she wanted to pursue; not only as a career but as her passion. At the age of 12, Jillian wrote her first song. Soon after, she performed her song and began to make a name for herself.

Ms. Jillian has auditioned for American Idol, The Voice, along with several other local contests such as NEPA Idol, Steamtown Idol, The VSPOT Idol, and the MLK Contest, all in which she placed 1st and 2nd place.

After writing several songs, Ms. Jillian decided to embark on the journey of completing her first EP. “The Muzicmind EP” was released in August of 2015 on several digital platforms with features like, IllMaculate from KOD. Ms. Jillian was featured in Valley Magazine as the release of her EP was announced.

Interview with Ms Jillian – 

WELAB: Who were your first musical influences that you can remember?
JM: Whitney Houston, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Journey.

WELAB: Which artists would you like to collaborate with?
JM: Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga

WELAB: How do you handle criticism and haters in the music industry?
JM: Easy, I continue to be myself. I am confident enough in myself and my craft that I don’t allow negative things to affect me. But if it is constructive criticism, I am always willing to listen, learn, and improve.

WELAB: What’s the best advice for young people who want to get into this business?
JM: Don’t get lost in all of the nonsense. Stay true to yourself and the reason why you set out on this journey. There will be a lot of obstacles and barriers to overcome and you will need to be strong enough to get through them. You must have tough skin.

WELAB: What is your next move? How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
JM: My next move is to enhance my fanbase, tour, and make a bigger name for myself in this industry. I want to make a difference with my music…whether it be help a fan through a tough time in their life or eventually donate and help those in need .
My plan for the 5 year mark is to be a mainstream artist and open a few businesses, a performing arts school being one of the few.