Run Away – ANZI

Anzi‘s new single – Run Away

Anzi is a singer and songwriter with a stunning voice and with a truly unique approach to songwriting and performing. Her songs are sweet, emotional and full of gripping melodies. Her most recent single, “Run Away”, is an amazing example of her trademark style and attitude. The track is bright, warm and poppy, highlighting Anzi’s remarkable ability to create music that is extremely catchy, yet inventive and creative. The beat is energetic and uplifting, while her vocal chops are nothing short of spectacular. Anzi sings with charm, passion and skillfulness, crafting some truly amazing harmonies that truly match with the power of the instrumentals. “Run Away” is actually the artist’s second single, and it incredible to see that in just a little time, she managed to grow so much as an artists, learning and improving her excellent vision and musical ability, one song at a time…reaching deep within the heart of her audience, by way of their ears!

You can check out the song directly on Soundcloud, where it is available as a full streaming. Click HERE to find out more and listen right away!