The UK’s Next Hollywood Star – TONY GIBBONS

Tony Gibbons is a British actor who works mostly in the US. We caught up with him in LA, and asked him some questions for the forthcoming May edition of WELAB.

In the past year, Tony has completed filming on ‘House of Screaming Death’ – a British Hammer Horror feature film from the creators of The London Film Awards ‘Best British Film’ award winning ‘Checking In’, in which he also starred – he’s been to the Cannes Film Festival with the LA produced movie ‘The Cup of Wrath’, in which he plays the lead, and finished up a voice role on the epic sci-fi adventure romp ‘Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter’, which has already won a slew of awards and is set to be released by Sony Pictures in the second half of 2017. It’s no surprise that he’s being tipped as the next big British thing in Hollywood!

Pick up the May edition of Welab magazine, where Tony reveals all about his rise to fame, and talks about his latest movie role – filming this Summer!