Electronica Tradition Re-written By SIENNÁ On Her New Album


Electronica tradition re-written and re-interpreted by SIENNÁ on her new album “Q.o.S”.

Oslo-based Japanese electronica artist, musician, DJ, songwriter and producer Sienná has just released her fourth full length album “Q.o.S”, to create a new set of songs in the avantgarde – electronica – nu-jazz genre. Q.o.S is certain to be a groundbreaking wave for the multi-talented artist known as Sienná who has already left and indelible footprint on electronic music.

Sienná immersed herself in the studio for a couple years to create an album that’s difficult to define. She is known for bringing to listeners, rare sounds, a distinct fusion of the various genres and styles that she has mastered along her voyage as an artist. If you are looking for inspiring sounds that stimulate the mind and provoke the soul, Q.o.S. is an absolute must have for your music collection.

The album, released via the aforementioned Anneis Records label, features 10 songs that allow the artist’s unique vision and talent to stretch out exponentially and explore various formats and ideas.