Girls It’s Time For A Change by JOAN REID


Experienced microbiologist and mother, Joan Reid has published a new book designed to help girls ages 9-15 yrs. old better understand the changes that are taking place in their bodies as they enter puberty, giving them the knowledge and confidence to grow into powerful young women. 

Joan Reid, based in London, England, originally wrote Girls It’s Time For A Change: The Girl’s Guide to Puberty as a gift for her daughter, to help her make an easier transition from being a child to becoming a young woman. Joan had trouble finding a book that gave a no-holds barred approach regarding the changes she would undoubtedly face as she started her period.

After reading the book, Joan’s daughter challenged her to publish the guide to educate girls worldwide about how their bodies work and why they experience feelings and changes in mind and body during puberty. Throughout the book, Joan provides a reassuring voice from the perspective of a mother and someone who’s been through puberty herself.

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