TONY GIBBONS – In The Hot Seat

Ahead of our interview with Tony Gibbons in this month’s print edition of WELAB, we asked the British actor some quick fire questions to get to know him a little better…

WELAB: Stage or Screen??

TG: “I love them both! Theatre is so different to screen acting, and demands a different set of skills, but there are similarities, too. I love the intimacy of theatre, with a live audience just a few feet away from you, and as an actor you feed off that energy and every performance is different because of it. Also, with such a big chunk of rehearsal and a long run of shows, you get so comfortable with the material and can really start to play, which takes the performance in directions you might not have expected. I try and bring that sense of play into my screen work, though, too, and love the filming process. I love subtle and intimate performance, and the camera sees everything!”

WELAB: You’ve also been doing some voice acting lately?

TG: “That’s right, and I love that, too! For Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, I got to come in mid way through production and record all my scenes from the comfort of a lovely studio in Malibu…while the rest of the cast had been out shooting in some very tough and physically demanding locations! I love that sort of shoot, too, where you can really get physically involved and lose yourself in the character and the location, but it was a nice change just hanging out with the Director in the comfort of a studio!”

WELAB: Critical acclaim, or box office success?

TG: “I mean, hopefully both! I am drawn to characters and projects that tell stories that are going to effect people emotionally. Whether that’s making them laugh, or making them cry, or giving them a thrill and an escape from their own lives for a couple of hours. I think film, and theatre, and performance is art, and the point of art is to make people feel. Hopefully I can choose the right projects, that are not only creatively worthwhile and inspiring, but commercially successful, too.”

WELAB: The UK or the US?

TG: “Ooh, now that’s a tough one! I was born and bred in England, its where my family and closest friends are, and career wise its obviously where it all started for me. Getting my training and my first theatre tours and TV appearances – which were amazing training in themselves – is what set me up and prepared me for what I’m doing now…but since living and working in LA, I definitely feel like it was the right move for me. I’ve made a home here, and I’ve worked on some great projects and with some amazing talents in LA, and hope to work in New York this year, too. I love going home to work on British productions when the chance presents itself, but I have lots of exciting work lined up here in the states right now, so I’m not going anywhere anytime soon!”

To find out Tony’s latest news, grab a copy of the WELAB May print edition, and check out Tony Gibbons’ official website.

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