A New Martial Artist On The Rise – VINCENT CHAN

Vincent Chan is an actor, producer, director and martial arts choreographer in South West England. He began filmmaking in 2004 when he was still studying in school. His YouTube channel was partnered with one of the biggest Multi-Channel Networks, AwesomenessTV in 2013. Since then he’s made a web series, two documentaries, a number of short films, as well as producing and acting in two feature films.

WELAB: What inspired you to get into filmmaking? 

VC: I grew up watching martial arts films from Hong Kong and I felt their classic action style from the 80s were in decline. This motivated me to get into martial arts filmmaking using the style and techniques the Hong Kong filmmakers used during that period. So that’s how it all began.

WELAB: Can you tell us what big things you have planned for the year? 

VC: I’ve been reviewing comics on YouTube for the past year and I asked my fans if they’d like me to review a new series of comics. The majority of the votes were ‘yes’, so I’ll begin reviewing the new series very soon when it launches. Aside from those, I plan on making two or three short films this year. Right now it looks like there’ll be one street racing film and two martial arts films.

WELAB: What made you decide to review comic books? 

VC: I’m reviewing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics by BOOM! Studios. The main reason I chose to read Power Rangers is because it was a show I used to watch when I was younger. I thought it’d be good to review them because I wanted to share my thoughts on the series with other people and see what fans thought of it. I also wanted to review the comics because I thought they’d be short lived but I was wrong. They launched a short spin-off and now they’re doing a crossover with the Justice League by DC Comics. I gained quite a number of subscribers on YouTube for doing these reviews so I continued reviewing the comics for my subscribers.

WELAB: Does this mean your YouTube channel will shift its focus towards comics? 

VC: Whilst my channel has mainly focused on reviewing the Power Rangers comics in the past year, I’m actually going to try and realign my channel in line with what I originally set out to do. This is why I plan on making three short films this year but I will also continue with the comic book reviews. Basically, the focus won’t shift towards comics but my YouTube channel will have a balanced amount of content for all my subscribers.

WELAB: What are your social media handles so people can follow you?

VC: My YouTube channel is Vincent Chan’s official YouTube and that’s where I host the majority of my videos.

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