It All Started From Dancing With The Stars – EVIE RY


Evie Ry is an independent internationally acclaimed makeup artist.

She started her career in a small city in Russia, where she mostly worked with clients and on fashion shoots helping her photographer-friends and then a career move to Moscow followed.

After attending one of the workshops she was offered to work on a TV show Dancing with the Stars and then she was offered a position of a makeup artist for quite a few leading TV series in Russia such as Kitchen, Endless Vacation and Hotel Eleon. She has also been recognized by quite a few Russian and international magazines by getting her works published among them are SHAPE, Eyerepublic, StyleDelo, HUF, DeFuze and many others. At the moment she gets inspired and searches for new techniques by traveling and collaborating with many creatives wherever she goes. Her interests lie in artistic experimenting with form and color as well as creating a commercially great picture. In her free time she loves to discover and review new products. You can explore and follow her work on Evie Ry’s official Instagram.

WELAB got a chance to talk to Evie. To learn more about this amazing Makeup artist Evie Ry, check out our May 2017 print issue!