An Up-And-Coming Actress To Watch This Year – ALLI MCLAREN

Alli McLaren is an Australian born actress who moved to the USA to further her acting career. Alli has acted in many films and TV series and has recently ventured into singing. Alli was the featured singer on the track ‘Go Somewhere’ by NIXX.

WELAB: What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
Alli: I think the highlight of my career so far is my upcoming film ‘My Year of Silence’. It’s a film I wrote about some really hard times I’ve been through in my life and it’s such an honor I can share those times with the world. We’ve been sitting on it for a while making sure everything in it is perfect and ready before it’s released so I really hope the response to it is great.

WELAB: You studied in NYC but lived in LA, which city do you prefer to live in?
Alli: Ohh! that’s a tough one. I love NYC, NYC is the city that taught me who I was. Even though it’s small in size its a big city and I think once you’ve lived in NYC a part of your heart will always belong to the city. However, I love LA. I love the sunshine, and I even love the traffic. LA feels like home to me.

WELAB: What’s your plan for 2017?
Alli: 2017 has been a crazy year so far. I was lucky at the start of the year and booked a pilot show, however it unfortunately wasn’t ordered for series, but that was still a great experience. I have written my own mockumentry series for YouTube called ‘Gym Rats: The Competitive Truth Behind Spandex and Short Shorts’ and that’s going to be filmed somewhere towards the end of this year. I’ve also booked a lead in a feature film (which I cannot say the name of yet). Oh, and I’m planning on traveling a bit too. So it will be a great year I’m hoping 🙂

WELAB: What can you tell us about your new series ‘Gym Rats’?
Alli: Gym Rats is a new series I wrote that is just meant to be funny and a bit of a laugh. I’ve been a group fitness instructor for years and we are intense. Like there is so much drama and competition that goes on in group fitness instructing. For years I’ve been saying we need reality shows on instructors ‘coz they are crazy, so I’ve kind of taken the stereotype instructors and just put a whole lot of fun together.

WELAB: How did you overcome all of your challenges so far?
Alli: There have been many times I’ve struggled but I think I’ve overcome challenges by always staying true to the person I am.