Actress CHELSEA INGRAM Stars In International Musician Zefereli’s Music Video

Two extreme Australian talents joined forces to create a beautiful, quirky, hilarious music video “Once In Awhile”. Working alongside NYC film company Tweed Dreams – the video has aired across National Australian Television show RAGE.

Chelsea Ingram was flown across the world to complete the fantastic Music Video that was filmed in both Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC and Brisbane, Australia. Directed by Tweed Dreams award winning direction Brendan Pike the video’s quirky, cute love story catches the heart of thousands of viewers.

The video features a reflective day in the life of your average romantic alien/homo sapien relationship, with a couple of sweet extraterrestrial dance moves thrown in for good measure. 

For over 27 years Rage has been showcasing a diverse range of music videos from Aussie and international artists, making it the longest-running music television program still in production.

Zefereli first noticed Chelsea from her work in web series ‘The Loft’ directed by Yunus Shahul.

‘She is a wonderful actress’ says Zefereli.

Since working alongside Tweed Dreams – Chelsea has signed upon numerous upcoming feature films that begin production later this year.

“I am over the moon excited!, Brendan is a phenomenal director’ – Chelsea exclaims.

The video demonstrates two Aussie Artist’s taking the bull by the horns, throwing their talents into one basket and watching it explode.

Check out Zeferli’s music video here: Once In Awhile