Introducing A Multi-Platinum Bass & Hip Hop Group – 95 SOUTH


95 South is an iconic multi-platinum Miami Bass and Hip-Hop group first established in 1993. Based out of Jacksonville, FL, the group is composed of Mike Mike (Michael Phillips) and Daddy Black (Carlos Spencer). They are most known for their hits “Whoot! There It Is”, “Rodeo”, “C’mon Ride That Train”, “Wet n Wild”, and “Cool Ade.”

WELAB: Your group 95 South began its musical journey during the early 90’s in Jacksonville, FL; what was your first big break?

95 South: Our first big break was getting a single deal with an independent label out of Atlanta called Ichiban records..they believed in us enough to give a shot to prove the validity of bass music. And “Whoot There it is” was our first release, and the rest is history!

WELAB: As pioneers of the Miami Bass scene, who were your influences, who inspired you to launch this genre?

95 South: Well the Bass genre was already in tact when we decided to go that route.we just put our spin on it and it worked for us. The one artist who influenced us to do bass was Dj Magic Mike, but we also were greatly in fluenced by Luke Skywalker and the “2 Live Crew”,Beat Master ClayD and Jam Pony express just to name a few.

WELAB: What one moment would you say most defines your career in music?

95 South: There are so many defining moments,but if we have to pick one it would be the day we were presented with the first of our platinum plaques that were RIAA certified. That let us know that this is what we want to do for the rest of our lives and continue to make timeless music.

WELAB: Are you still touring, what is 95 South doing now?

95 South: We are touring now. We are on the Pepsi “Funk Fest” tour and closing together on a 52 city tour with members of “Wutang”
“Ying Yang twins” and J.T. Money and more to be added. We are also cutting a live album to reintroduce all of our hits with live instrumentals and it is amazing. Also be on the look out for our documentary called “Beyond the Bass” to get a look at how we started and were we are going from here.

WELAB: What does 95 South want to say to millennial(s), and younger generations of music lovers and artists?

95 South: What I would like to say to millennials is continue to make and support progressive music and to be responsible with the gift. Reach for the stars and make your music timeless!