Shyla Day‘s exciting new single “Kiss Me” is getting some attention and gaining some major traction in the industry!

“Kiss Me” is a pop/rock symphony, with the help of violinist Jamie Shadowlight and her engineer and record producer, Brian Rumsey. This song is swelling with passion and soul, but will also have you singing the rocking catch for days on end and weeks to come. The warmth of her guitar, fat bass tone, and the heartbeat from the drums makes for a strong backing song, but her sexy breathy voice in the verse, which grows into a full and booming ballad is what has us intrigued to the very last beat. Equally as compelling, this Award-winning songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is only 21!

The Josie Music Awards has nominated Shyla Day for Pop/Contemporary Artist of the Year, as well as the song for Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year. Fans can go online and vote for fan favorite! “Kiss Me” won the Akademia Music Award for Best Pop/Rock song, and also earned a nomination from the Los Angeles Music Awards for Pop Single of the Year. Shyla Day and Sarra Smith are working on a fashion line/collection titled “Shyla Day x Sarras Petals “Kiss Me” Collection” for the much anticipated release of Shyla’s “Kiss Me” music video!

Stay locked in, and don’t miss anything new including Shyla Day’s new album, the “Kiss Me” music video release, and the new exclusive “Kiss Me” clothing line. Check out WELAB Magazine August edition for more about Shyla Day.