Top The Billboard – TASOS PETSAS

Tasos Petsas is a Greek creator of electronic music. Apart from being a Graduate of The Athens Faculty of Law with a post graduate degree in the Civil Law, he has also studied Music and Phonetics. 

In 2015 he releases on his own the track Mother Of Mine (Anna)” in loving memory of his mother who passed away suffering from breast cancer. The track reached the #1 spot on the Greek Billboard staying into top-10 for 23 weeks and also entered the Euro-200 at #174, the UK, Hong Kong and Japanese charts. 

On December of 2015 releases his first album called “Heart Of Mine (Anna)” digital and physical into limited edition vinyl cd which reached the #1 spot on the Greek Digital Albums. From that album have been released four singles including “Mother Of Mine (Anna)” and all of them were among Europe’s top 200! “Angel Of Mine” a trip hop opera duet with crossover lyric soprano Manja Vlachogianni (#3 on the Billboard and #176 on Euro-200), “Friend Of Mine” remixing by Lego Boy (#7 on Billboard, #167 on Euro-200,  #176 on UK Electronic Chart) and “Anna”, a piano jazz ballad with Greek American musician, Thespina Patronas on vocals (#2 on Billboard and #169 on Euro-200). «Anna» was also the official soundtrack for “Prevention Through Art”, a Cancer Awareness Campaign in Greece.  

In 2017 releases a historical music theme called “Voices (Istimpei)” which reached #2 on Billboard and so became his fifth single in a row which enters the Europe 200 chart at #184.  His latest single is “Michael” in loving memory of his father which was also the official soundtrack for the «80+1 años de ausencia, Lorca», a group exhibition of Greek painters and sculptors, who dedicate their works to Federico García Lorca, organized by Dimitris Lazarou.