Meet the Hip Hop Rising Star – NOVEL “HOOLY” THE GOAT


When you think of hip-hop’s golden age, you’ll probably be thinking of New York City.

Harlem has been home to countless of the genre’s leading artists, and it is still a fertile ground where great rap music happens and new artists challenge the genre’s barriers each day.

Novel “Hooly” The Goat, born Levon Robbins, is a new artist coming out of Harlem’s scene. His sound is inspired by the grit, edge and authenticity of old school NY hip-hop, yet it retains a driven, diverse and personal edge with a modern feel.

His work is inspired by influential artists as diverse as NY’s favorite Biggie Smalls, as well as Eminem, Sade, 2Pac and Michael Jackson, just to mention a few. HE is known for a driven, witty and charismatic lyrical flow with a very in-your-face approach.

Ultimately, Hooly makes music that is all about uncompromising expression.

“I want the ability to be able to be creative with no limits”, he admitted in an interview. This is one of those rare artists who is not afraid to break all the rules in order to achieve something truly meaningful and special!

Stay tuned with WELAB Magazine August 2017 print edition for more about this emerging artist and his interview!