The Iconic Pop Artist From NYC – KAIYA


KAIYA is a new electronic-indie-pop artist based in NYC. She was born in mysterious Ukraine and grew up in European fashion world. KAIYA has moved to NY in 2007 and found her home here, working in fashion, music and fine arts. She has started to collaborate with a Brooklyn-based songwriter&producer ÅMBE, and a year later, in April 2017 they released KAIYA’s debut single “GAMES” – sophisticated and catchy blend of beautiful songwriting and crispy electronic production. The single was released on ADIM Records. Two months later, in June KAIYA released “GAMES” Remix by ÅMBE. It’s a nice electronic-lounge tune, with a beautiful vocal production. Right now KAIYA is working on her debut EP that is coming out this fall, as well as on her music video.

WELAB: If to step out of an official bio, who is KAIYA, what is she?

KAIYA:  is a free spirit, big dreamer. She believes there isn’t anything impossible at all if you make a wish, believe in it with all your heart and work towards it with all your mind, body and soul. A little bit of luck though would never hurt

WELAB: What is your boldest dream / goal as a music artist / person?

KAIYA: Festival in the jungles!  To be recognized and loved by people who have nothing to do with music. To have my own island where I could bring talented artists, musicians and just friends, to have plenty of creativity, music and fun together.

WELAB: How do you see the music world / showbiz of the future?

KAIYA: Maybe it will be just pure vibration and creative telepathy, instead of music as we know it. This vibration would make people feel happy or sad, motivated, or depressed, depending on what u choose… Maybe it’s gonna be some kind of a mix of vibration, music and light. Maybe it could sound like cosmic electro with a touch of trombone or saxophone…

WELAB: If you had a chance to perform with any artist, any musician that ever lived on Earth, who would it be and where?

KAIYA: I would probably be Leonard Cohen in Opera de Paris..

WELAB: Where do you see yourself in 3 / 5 / 10 years?

KAIYA: 3 years from now, I’ll be working on my 2nd full album, performing, experimenting with new genres and new sounds in my music. 5 years from now, I’ll be touring worldwide, collaborating with different artists on different amazing projects. 10 years from now, I will be getting into music for cinematography, art-projects and wellness related projects.