Award-Winning Composer & Jazz Artist – HAYLEY LAM

International Award-Winning Composer and Jazz Artist, Hayley Lam, To Release Her EP This Fall……

Award-winning composer Hayley Lam is a true example of musical talent. Lam’s long history with music began at a very early age. By the time she was 11, she had already earned her Associate Diploma, ATCL Recital Piano from the prestigious Trinity College of London.

Her exceptional musical talent has not only brought her all over the globe, but has also gave her the opportunity to live her gift of music in ways that many people can only dream of.

Lam moved to the city of Boston, Massachusetts, where she was given a scholarship to study at the world-renowned Berklee College of music. During this period, Lam had the privilege and honor to study under many of the world’s best Jazz musicians. At Berklee, Lam completed her Bachelor of Music with a five-year dual major degree program in performance and jazz composition in a record time of just 1.5-years.

Many of her original works won the praise of critics and audiences all over the world where her writing style is often referred to as “Stravinsky meets Brookmeyer”. Her other music influences includes Weather Report, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever and other Jazz fusion artists.

Her latest promo video for the EP features herself, Akos Forgacs, Fabio Rojas, and Marko Djordjevic. There is an ongoing crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe website right now to help Lam with the final digital production touches, distribution, and marketing. The great Steve Hunt, who used to be the keyboardist for the late Allan Holdsworth, will be producing her EP. The single, Being Alive, will be officially released at the end of July on her artist’s platform.

When not busy on stage or in the studio, Lam loves to share her passion for music and she can often be found promoting jazz initiatives and assisting young music students in the process to develop their talent.

To know more about Hayley, visit Hayley Lam’s official website & check out WELAB Magazine August 2017 print publication.