Party + Love = SOCIAL CIRCLE


With a flair for nostalgic synth-pop reminiscent of the 80’s, Social Circle puts a modern twist on a classic sound. The quartet calls Lafayette, Louisiana home and is made up of friends Matt, Jacqueline, Gabe and Frank. Their sound blends lush harmonies and interstellar soundscapes to create addictive, sing-along melodies.

Social Circle‘s music is a pure escape from the every day troubles that weigh you down. Matt, the high-energy lead man, states, “We want our fans to know that we’re here to party and love on them all at the same time. That it’s a great time getting to escape from all of the BS, but we aren’t afraid to admit that it’s unavoidable at times. We don’t ignore the hard stuff. We just turn it into something beautiful.”

With honest, emotional lyrics dripping in glitter and neon lights, Social Circle is ready to take you to a new time and place with their Sophomore album set to be released this Summer.