Welcome “Miss Europe” – LIA KEES

Lia Kees, the winner of 2016 Miss Europe contest – has been working as a fashion model since she was fourteen. The beauty queen was born in Kyrgyzstan and started her professional career as a model in 2009 in Prague, Czech republic, where she moved in with her family.

In 2016 Lia Kees won the Miss Europe beauty contest as a professional model – Lia Kees travels the world and works with amazing international brands.

Currently with her successful model career, Lia is going to the Czech TV and show business plus her own project where she wants to encourage and assist young ladies to also succeed in their model careers just as she has by starting her own models weekend.

At the moment Lia is going after all her dreams and goals!

WELAB Magazine had a one on one interview with Miss Europe.

Wanna know more about Lia Kees and her one on one interview with WELAB Magazine? Check out our WELAB October Print Publication. She’s our October 2017 Cover Artist!