Fans Expect Nothing But The Best From J CHAMBERLAIN

J Chamberlain formally known as Renzer II/ RII is an American EDM, Electronic, Pop, House, Progressive, Producer/Composer/from the United States (TX) signed to a distribution with Affluent/ Orchard Sony & music licensing with Skybound Entertainment & Urban Twist Music. J Chamberlain music has been featured on MTV, VH1, & Coast to Coast Mix Tapes, with a new release titled Stereo Life set out this Summer on iTunes, and several other digital outlets.

Chamberlain has a long history of indie adventures in the Texas music scene. Thru-out the years he has experienced a slight hint of success. This passion had him always striving and looking forward for that big pay day. Until a recent epiphany that enlightened his vision made him redirect his focus onto the real keys to the longevity of the game – distribution & licensing.

Having acquired a few successful placements in the past opened Chamberlain’s hunger and eagerly began to look for more. His accomplishments were more lessons and yet these experiences opened his eyes to the opportunities he previously pasted up before and was able to secure a single deal for his new track “Tell Me” which will be in stores this Summer 2017.

“Tell Me” is a track that has an 80’s infused retro dance feels with Madonna esque vocals sung throughout the song which gives it the full disco/pop experience. Affluent Records CEO Oscar Sanchez says “Jay is a very inspiring talent, he reminds me of a 2017 Jelly Bean Benitez, a producer & talent scout. The music he created always provide an ambience and great energy I expect nothing but the best from Jay to create a promising future.”

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