JIM AND MANDY Has Just Begun To Reveal Their Musical Capabilities

Jim and Mandy is a contemporary folk duo radiating from Lafayette, LA, often combining elements of Americana and Electric Folk Rock. The duo creates a heartfelt mix of music that is soothing and riveting. With their subtle approach and dynamic flow of energies, Jim and Mandy’s sublime guitar playing techniques and enchanting vocals synchronously fuses together to form harmonious cocktails of sounds. Formed in 2016, the duo performed at the South by Southwest festival in Austin and Nashville, backing artist Will Harrison. In 2017, Jim and Mandy released a 5 track EP entitled “The Lion and the Fox” with songs like “You’re Gonna Get Lucky” and “Nothing but Jacks”. The very well composed mix of songs on the EP takes listeners on a journey; a roller coaster ride of relationships and emotion, intertwined with themes of love, loss, heartbreak and redemption. The fourth track on the EP “Adam & Eve” kicks off with bold and upbeat guitars producing a raunchy vibe and then cuts through with a melodious polyphony of vocals.

While the duo complements each other, their personalities differ. Jim McGee’s ability to not reveal his feelings and thoughts instantly allows him to think on a deeper level, allowing his introverted persona to transcend into the fabric of music. Mandy Johnson’s innocence and purity is simply divine, her optimistic worldview and ability to see the best in others is reflected effortlessly by her raspy, crisp and enthralling singing served with a “siren-esque” touch of exuberance. Influenced by artists like the Lumineers, Civil Wars, and Lady Antebellum, this duo crafts deep and fiery lyrics with a uniquely driven guitar infused take on the classic male and female acoustic duo vocal group. Set to release more songs, music videos and touring the southern USA, Jim and Mandy has only just begun to reveal their genuine musical capabilities.

To learn more about Jim and Mandy, check out WELAB Magazine’s October 2017 Print Publication.