The Award-winning Singer With A Black Belt – WESTON SIMONIS

Singer-songwriter Weston Simonis, an active wildland firefighter and Kajukenbo black belt, has played to sold-out crowds in his hometown of La Grande, Oregon, and has performed at the Vans Warp Tour in Boise, Idaho.

Weston won the International Publisher Awards for Music Best Indie Alternative Rock Album 2016 with his album “Moments of Intoxication”. He is also the Power 91 Artist of the Month for September 2017. On the well-known music platform ReverbNation, Weston has reached Number 3 in all genres globally.

Weston’s music has been aired on Jango Radio, Live 365, iHeart, and Spotify. He has been recently played on 70 different radio stations in Europe in 20 different countries, which has him coming in at #63 on the Top 100 Euro Indie Chart most recently. He also just started hosting his very own “Weston Simonis Radio Show” on Pirate Radio Eastern Oregon and FNA Radio, which showcases “Team Musician.” indie artists/bands from around the world.

As the radio host Gloria Gardner from Prog Core Radio says: “Upon first listen, you can expect to hear an infectious, sonic mixture of flamenco, pop, rock, and hip-hopall wrapped up in urban sensibility. With an electrifying range, Weston Simonis has the ability to take the listener on an eclectic musical journey, where one can simply let their mind float away to places of humor and/or deeper meaning. He is ambitious and willing to travel down a well beaten path to musical success. Weston Simonis will achieve it all. He has what it takes.”

Wanna know more about Weston Simonis. Check out WELAB Magazine, October 2017 Print Publication for Weston Simonis’ exclusive interview.