How To Create A Unique Concept Of Mixing Fashion With Technology – HAJ FASHION 

Fashion and technology are two elements that are changing the world. One company is combining these two giving its customers a chance to make a statement both with what they wear as well as the technology they use. HAJ Fashion, a new and fresh start up is working on the new fashion and tech ideas, mixing what the company CEO should have happened years ago.
It is a dream come true for Holly Ann Jones, said the founder and chief executive officer of HAJ. She says that all her life, she has always wanted to express herself and become a self-motivated black woman.

HAJ was founded in 2015 with a sole goal of making the world a better place where people would stop the hate and promote love. Holly Ann Jones wanted to do this using her love for clothes and technology and to share it with the world. According to Holly Ann Jones, regardless of the color or creed any woman out there has a chance to look good as an independent woman.

Holly Ann Jones dream started early; she has always been intrigued by fashion and technology, always wanting to have the next new and sexy product in the market. It is out of this; she says the idea of starting HAJ Fashion came. She wanted to bring top quality products to her fellow men and women. The company which promotes the idea of unlocking self-styles, being different loving and passionate about self-believes that fashion and technology can help unlock a person.

As somebody who has been passionate about fashion and technology, Holly Ann Jones says she wants to take her passion home, something which she adds will help achieve her life goals.

Holly Ann Jones says that HAJ Fashion is not trying to be like other fashion company, but are planning to revolutionize the way people wear.

Wanna know more about HAJ Fashion? We had an interview with its owner in our October 2017 print publication!