Get To Know GRASSHEAD – A Dade County EmCee!

No matter what kind of music you’re into, chances are Grasshead has some hits that will earn their spot in your playlist. From lyrical Hip Hop to the grooviest dance singles, Grasshead has it all. His music was just used in Sony’s brand new TV series “Start Up”, and he just starred as himself in the comedy / action film “Paying Mr. McGetty” starring Marcus Taylor from Straight Out of Compton. And that was all just in the last year!

WELAB had an interview with Grasshead this week.

WELAB: What inspired you to become an MC? Growing up in Dade County must have introduced you to all kinds of genres & artists, who was your first inspiration to pick up a pen and pad?
GRASSHEAD: I always wrote conscious poetry since I was little but it wasn’t until I was in 5th grade, living down in Homestead, Dade County, that my writing became music. I still didn’t have my rhyme flow / voice down to actually call it music, but the rhymes were on point. When I first heard the West Coast influence of N.W.A. that was the beginning of me knowing socially conscious street music would define who I was as an emcee.

Curious about what else Grasshead had to say? Check out WELAB Magazine’s October publication. 

Keep a close eye on his social media @grassheadmusic and check out: Grasshead’s Official Soundcloud.