Just Released “Best Of 2017 Travel Stories” By ERIKAWITHAK

Erika and Abhinav are a New York couple with a shared passion for travel and exploration. From this shared love grew erikawithak.me, a website seeking to curate the largest collection of personal stories on living, traveling and growing up in cities and towns from every corner of the world.

ErikaWithAK was originally envisioned as a personal travel blog, but it evolved into a collection of stories designed to highlight both the everyday and extraordinary experiences of real people. “Ultimately, we hope to create the largest collection of personal travel stories online,” Erika and Abhinav said. “Our hope is that our website will be a small window into life in other parts of both the USA and the world for all who are interested in expanding their horizons.”

For anyone who has an interest in learning about the world and watching the project grow, please check out Erika WithAK’s official website and WELAB Magazine’s December 2017 issue.