The Story Of A Young Video Game Producer – MOHAMMED NASSER ALMUNEER


Mohammed Nasser Al-Muneer is a story writer and a video game producer who started his writing in Brighton, UK, 2015. The first project he did was a novel named “Happy Asylum”, a horror mystery. He was thrilled by the positive supports from his family and friends.

Yet, Mohammed has gone through a lot of difficulties and hardships to become a video game producer. And his diligent and never-give-up personality has set a promising path for his career.

Before he became a story writer and a video game producer, Mohammed experienced not only jealousy from others, discouragements from family, thieves in his field who stole all his paychecks…….. but he did not give up just yet.

Wanna know how this young video game producer survives in a cut-throat world and created a niche for himself? Stay tuned on WELAB Magazine December 2017 print issue.