SOARING SOUL COMPOSITIONS Blooms, Blossoms, & Flourishes

In Nashville, Tennessee, Soaring Soul Compositions announces their upcoming album “Bloom into Blossom”, but not as an up and coming artist, but rather impassioned college students with a cause. The 501(c)(3) non-profit originated only a year ago, and shows no signs of slowing down. The organization composes specialized classical pieces for childhood cancer patients, and in the circumstance that a child passes, the piece manifests itself as a memorial. Isabella Day, the founder, Executive Director and sole composer, has been described as a leader of a new generation of healers and musicians, but the twenty year old Belmont University student remains ever-humble. Day sat down with WELAB Magazine to share her perspective on the importance of childhood cancer awareness, remaining steadfast, and implementing love in every action.

WELAB: You are only twenty years old. What caused you to start such an ambitious career before completing your undergraduate degree?

Isabella Day (ID): An inescapable feeling of responsibility. I believe that when one has the power to effect change, to whatever degree that may be, they should act upon it. I have been told that I cannot save everyone, but I will live contrary to that concept until my dying day.

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