Novelist CHRISTOPHER LAIRD is Leading The New Wave of Science Fiction

Detroit born author Christopher Laird is the rising science fiction writer on the scene. Mr. Laird has been reading and writing science fiction for almost 20 years. Although ORIGINS is his first novel, he wrote this thrilling sci-fi adventure when he was only 16.

Mr. Laird went on to college at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI to receive his psychology degree. He is currently pursuing his education to pursue a career as a psychologist. His novel was put on the back burner as he pursued a career in psychology. After moving nearly 8 times and getting involved in so many ventures throughout the years, his manuscript for ORIGINS remained in tact and traveled with him everywhere he went. As his manuscript was left undisturbed in his bedroom closet, one day Mr. Laird looked at it and decided that it was time to let the world know what ORIGINS is all about.

After doing a rewrite and changing a few aspects of the novel, Mr. Laird found a publisher to publish his book and released it out to the world. ORIGINS has been regarded as a scintillating sci-fi thriller that would be a great movie. ORIGINS has been reviewed by Be in the NYC Know as “ORIGINS will have you on the edge of your seat. It is a thrill ride through the universe that will have you questioning if there is alien life”.

In addition to owning several businesses, he is also a family therapist counseling people on how to be better families. Mr. Laird is also a huge supporter of the Detroit Zoo and the Detroit Institute of Arts and has a desire to help these be the finest institutions in the world. Mr. Laird also enjoys fishing,reading and dining in his spare time. His favorite authors are Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven, J.K Rowling, Franklin Dixon, Dan Simmons, Peter Hamilton, Robert Heinlein, and a host of many others.

To know more about Christopher Laird, check out Christopher Laird Official Website, his facebookinstagram, and make sure to get a copy of WELAB Magazine December 2017 issue.