The New Face in South Florida Music Scene – SEAN PATRICK

With a fresh sound and talent, Sean Patrick is an emerging singer/ rapper/ songwriter/ musician/ entertainer who continues to exceed expectations. His latest single “Good Times” is a perfect example of how Patrick manages to successfully fuse genres like Hip- Hop, Pop, as well as R&B with his infectious style. With this unique sound of rapid rap releases and smooth sung melodies he has versatility at his fingertips. Other examples would be his latest prelude EP “Waiting for Eventually” available on all major streaming platforms. Unsigned, Sean is beginning to catch the attention of many individuals in the industry, including executives from Sony’s music label with his increasing popularity. South Florida continues to grow as a music powerhouse with a large amount of artists making names for themselves, so the question is, what makes Sean Patrick different?

Born in Florida on September 1st, 1996, Patrick’s interest in music and performing began at an early age. With most of his family and both parents originally from New York Patrick has had many family members involved in the entertainment business. This includes being related to rapper Keith “Shamrock” Gill, who once part of the popular rap group “Sham & the Professor” music clearly runs in the family. Throughout his middle school as well as high school career, Patrick consistently expanded his musical knowledge and skill, also signing up for every talent show and going above and beyond to put on spectacular performances. He was also an active member of his school’s Marching Band Drum line where he became a well-rounded percussionist and musician. As Patrick states, “Learning how to actually play an instrument really helped me as an artist, from creating melodies to finding rhythms from old drum cadences I know for my lyrics.” With Influences ranging from Music legends like Frank Sinatra and Amy Winehouse to Modern Day Hip Hop heavyweights like Kanye West and Drake, the music Patrick creates is reflected on these inspirations but still holds an X factor and something new with the potential to flip the music industry upside down.

Set to debut his newest music video for his single “Good Times” in December this year, Sean Patrick is gearing up for what is sure to be an exciting month. The first thing listeners will notice is this music is different, while up-beat in tempo and style this song also serves as a personal story in which the listener can indulge and experience. “The song is reminiscent on high school heartbreak and the timeless Cory & Topanga love I think we’re all looking for at one point. I wanted it to feel happy, but still tell a sad story at the same time,” Patrick says when asked about this single and upcoming video. The widely popular 90s show: “Boy Meets World” has played an important role in this upcoming project and Patrick hopes to bring back that classic feeling a lot of music has been missing lately. The Good Times singer goes on to tell us, “I hope all the new music I’m creating here can really have an impact on people, more so on the younger generation. Kids in high school these days really need something with real substance to listen to, and who knows, maybe even be inspired to be better people by. We’ll have to see how this all pans out in the next few years.”

Patrick has catapulted into the spotlight not only as an artist, but as a fully rounded entertainer with his brand: “Star Park” serving as a clothing line that can be purchased directly through his official website for all fans and supporters. Pushing the envelope even further, he has also submerged himself into the world of acting with a few projects in the works coming soon in the future. Aside from all of his personal development, Sean Patrick has also been involved in various relief efforts, including the latest tragedy in Puerto Rico selflessly supporting those in need by taking part in donation concerts in Miami.

Patrick continues to reach for great heights and is surely an artist to stay on the lookout for in 2018. Teaming up with many talented producers, including Matthew “Primetime” Martin, who played a large role in the production of this latest single, Patrick is proving to be a promising young force. In his latest live radio interview with SNDS Radio, co-host Dj Gazm states: “I remember seeing Sean performing out at an open mic and saying how I see the potential in this guy and can’t wait to see what he moves forward with.” With a full length project release set for next year we can be sure to expect more hits and high school stories from the singer/rapper as we are taken into Patrick’s world through song.

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