Check Out this Unique French Musician KENZY DUBREAS

Born in Paris, Kenzy Dubreas is a singer-songwriter from the West Indies, the island of Martinique, France. Born to a driver and a caregiver, he grew up in Garges-les-Gonesse, a suburb of Paris.

At the age of 8, Kenzy discovered music in its very original way, he was a child with an afro haircut and tinted eyeglasses. He had a strong resemblance of Michael Jackson in the Jackson Five Era. Strangers in the street always complimented to his mother of how similar he looked like Michael Jackson. Coincidentally, his father, who was a vinyl collector, gave him a Jackson brothers vinyl from 1984 and that was where the story began. Kenzy discovered this mixed R&B Funk Pop, just like the millions of children around the world, he also became a fan of Michael Jackson and was influenced by this King of the Pop. He also listened to American Soul Funk and Pop music where he found those vinyls from his father’s old cabinets. Those vinyls included James Brown, Elvis Presley, and French artists like Claude François who he loved very much, Johnny Hallyday and Axelle Bauer’s Pop.

As a teenager, he sang in his neighborhood with his friends and would pretend doing a concert in the street. He was very musically influenced by American and French Hip Hop culture. Several years later he began to sing in some small clubs in Paris and he participated in different competitions and was accompanied by Alain Arcizet, a French PR who later became his agent. His Funky music style has pleased many Parisian audiences as a very few French artists would dare to do this unique genre.

At that time, he did some funk pop songs, but also some French music and even pop rock because the French Soul Funk genre was not supported by the French media. He had a lot of difficulties to break into the major market in France. So he sang other genres.

He sends some models to record companies and French radios, but all doors will be closed. However a great record company will recognize his talent, but will explain that it is not suitable for the market.

It was quite discouraging at times, Kenzy had stopped making music for two years, but he picked up again during to his true passion in music. He tried to go to the French casting for a singing TV reality show, but he got rejected again. Luckily he met on this site music producer, Thierry Mac-lier, who was also the music producer of the label URBAN BLACK MUSIC who worked with French music personalities. They composed Funk Pop songs together with the help of his childhood friend DJ CROSSD, and composed the song “Heat in the skin”. Later on, the collaboration was ended due to some complications.

Subsequently, he recorded the song “Heat in the skin” and published it on Myspace with other songs. His music was noticed by many people on the internet and one of them was Shawn Jackson, the first cousin of Michael Jackson. That meeting motivated and encouraged Kenzy to continue his music journey. He also met with his agent, Linda de Suzam a very famous singer in Europe, who gave him a lot of advices.

Kenzy decided to go independent and created his own label Alnitak-Records and is known internationally through social networks. Things went very quickly, he was contacted by several American, Canadian, English radio stations … He was offered collaboration and concerts. He then released Funk jazz tracks and Pop and Pop funk. He released some singles like “Je me sent si bien” and “Chaleur dans la peau”. He released his first EP and his first clip which was heard by many English and French speaking countries. His music is very different from the others, he finds international audience. His Pop alike genre, is followed today by many personalities on his twitter account.

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