PAUL NILSON JUNIOR Talks About Britain’s Future Pop Tart To Be…

Friday Afternoon at the Burry Charity In the Dingle Heart of Liverpool. It’s cold outside, and getting colder, just turning 5.30pm, and the flow of children aged 6 to 11 onwards flow out the main doors.

“Cheers Paul,” as they make their way to their parents. “Hey Lucy Lou you where amazing  tonight!” shouts Paul. Just finishing his first Demo Ep “KiK “Paul also works long hours 7 days a week at his fathers Oasis Charity, how he has the time to complete an EP is beyond me.

We venture into the warm reception of Oasis Charity building  “Do you want a cup tea or anything Joel” Paul asks.

“No I would love to sit down and have a chat with you if that’s ok?” He responds,“Yeah- come thru!”

We sit down on a bright orange settee the big dance room with full length mirror on the wall still had that lingering small of activity, the kind when you were at school and it was your class right next in the gym.

“How long have you been singing?” I ask. “Not long a couple of years, but I play the piano and guitar as well,”

“The new Demo EP ‘KiK’ Is an amazing first Album. I am really warming to the direction in which your heading, did you write all these yourself?” “Nah! Jonty, myself and a guy from Philly, Kaya started working on a few ideas last year and then it blossomed from there, Kaya left to go back to the USA. Jonty and I carried on getting the ideas down from there.”

‘What’s your favorite track off the EP?” -Paul answers in a thick Scouse accent (Liverpool dialect),

“Arr u know what Joel its a weird one dat cause when we start writing a new track that kinda becomes my favorite, and then when I listen to the 6 tracks it becomes very hard to choose, even one of the tracks Slo Lo- it was an easy track to write and the more I listen to it the more the words are meaning a lot more than what was originally intended, But to be honest I do Love ‘Tears’ loads of my mates and my fambo (family) have said that’s the next JAMES BOND soundtrack!”

“Yeah, see what they mean? I really like that track and ‘Super Hero!’ Well, I like all of them!”

“Funny you should say that Joel- ‘cause the team all think that should be put forward to the new ‘Deadpool’ movie!”

“So are you writing with movies in mind?” I ask.

“No, not really, when me and Jonty start something, it’s almost while we are writing we are watching the track turn into a soundtrack to a music video. The track does not intentionally come out that way, I mean, like ‘Girls’-wow what a dance track! That is what was  our favorite at first.”

“Where are you hoping to go with this? Where do you see yourself 2018?” Paul responds as a matter-of-fact, “Joel I hate to be rude but, I gotta get back to work, I got bills to Pay!”

“We want a major to take us under their wing because we know with their expertise the album will get to Number one, but if they don’t bite then we keep ploughing on ourselves, until it is number one. I couldn’t have done any of this without the great effort and team “Trustkik” behind me.  Can we add you to our Facebook group page Joel?”

Then he abruptly says, “I gotta to go!

”I say, “Of course! Great to meet you Paul and see you in the new year! Bye!”