AVINASH SINGH is Holding A Secret From All Of Us!

Growing up in Queens, New York with his parents and brother, Avinash Singh  became a very successful musician. A bitter divorce left him empty-handed, living out of his music studio in a basement, and starting all over again from the bottom. After a few years of struggling, Singh came upon the knowledge of the law of attraction through Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret”. “I had fun playing with it,” Singh says, “I would test it and see how many checks would come in the mail.” Singh says the law of attraction changed his life.

Singh remarried, has beautiful children whom he plans on raising with the law of attraction instilled in them from young, and he has surpassed where he ever thought he would be in life, as a very successful entrepreneur, musician, and now, author. This knowledge, he believes, should be shared with the world so that they, too, can live the life they want. He believes in “The Secret” so much that he always bought the book in bulk just to have it available to give to anyone who he felt needed to know about the law of attraction. After a while of doing this, Singh realized there is a bit more that needed to be taught and mentioned when discussing this law, so he set out to write his own book, a book that encompasses all he believes in regarding the law of attraction and ways to use this in your own life. It is also written in a way for everyone to understand, and in a way that people would want to read it. Singh’s book, “Law of Attraction and Gratitude”, shot up onto Amazon’s Best-Sellers List within weeks of publishing and has become a very popular book in its field. The reviews speak for themselves, “this book changed my life”, “the best book on law of attraction”, “everyone needs to read this book”, etc……

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