The Rise of A Pop Diva In 2018 – LONDON KING


Despite her extremely young age, singer-songwriter London King has her mind already made up. She knew who she wanted to be, since age 4, when she officially started performing on stage as a child actress.

At age 11, King discovered another big talent: singing and writing. She wrote her very first song “Sinking in the Darkness” at the age of 14. The single was also featured on her first EP, released in 2014.

Forward a few years, London King is back with her brand new EP called “Antichrist Child”, produced by Aubrey Whitfield who is the “Producer of the Year 2017”.

The power duo started the production of the EP in February 2017, and the result is outstanding. Fine beats, modern electronic sound with shades of old school pop. Five gems all wrapped up in a mini album with a rather ‘provocative’ and unapologetic title.

The reason for this dark title is a chain of events that happened in 2016 and 2017, which, according to King, changed her life completely, also helped her growing up loads. Because of her rebel nature, and her headstrong, London has always been labelled as a ’bad girl’. Also back when she was a kid, from time to time she was called ‘problem child’. King has always had a few issues following the rules. She could be pretty noisy and hard to deal with, back when she was a teen. London claims that all these ‘accusations’ come from the fact that she has an extremely strong personality, hence at times she can pass as a ‘bad girl’.

The title of the EP is a sort of provocation towards ‘all them priggish, prissy, moralist people, who look at me from head to toe, and think i am some sort of antichrist, just because i am not a follower, and i make my own rules.’ London King also wanted to explore a new genre with her sophomore EP: electronic pop. Pop has always been one of her greatest passions, also the genre of music she listens to the most, along with rock and punk. It was only a matter of time before she would go back in studio and discover the pop diva inside of her.

London King’s main inspirations are David Bowie, Madonna and Freddie Mercury. But they didn’t influence her music sound only, they also influenced massively her style. London strongly believes in freedom of expression and mind, she’s against gender roles and believes everybody should be able to dress and live their life however they want. That’s why music stars like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury are London’s biggest love. ‘They were strong enough to be themselves, and never fear what people may think of them’.

And that’s what this little pop diva is all about: being herself no matter what.

Along with singing and writing songs, King is also a novelist, an actress and a dancer. Recently she has completed her second novel, inspired by true life events. We can expect a beautiful novel from this multi talented lady very soon! Meanwhile, we can enjoy her new EP on Spotify and iTunes.

WELAB is going to have a one on one interview with London King. Exciting, huh? Stay tuned for our February 2018 print issue to find out more about this rising pop diva!