As a freelance model in her native Charlotte, NC, Sareena DaCosta originally studied digital photography which inspired her passion for media, fashion and modeling. As her studies progressed in digital photography; Sareena wanted to see how it felt to be on the other side of the camera. She loved the feeling of being in front of the camera, while owning different looks. This turning point of attraction sparked her passion and love for modeling. She later took modeling classes to perfect her craft and begin her journey and career in modeling.

Sareena lives a healthy lifestyle, and she works with a Certified Nutritionist to ensure she is making the healthiest nutrition choices. Her family are her biggest supporters. Throughout her life she has been lucky enough to be surrounded by family who have given her some great advice, motivation and has always encouraged her to be the best version of herself. Her advice for others would be to never stop believing in yourself or your dreams.

Sareena aspires to be an advocate for women, successful model and businesswoman. Her passion is to motivate and be a positive role models for others. She enjoys collaborating with creative teams in building a vision to accommodate her client’s needs. She feels that strong work ethics is key to building and retaining relationships. She believes that being a positive contributor in every situation creates a balanced and cohesive environment.

Sareena works with brands, photographers and artists, usually while rocking incredible long hair looks. She shoots fashion and swimwear, but also enjoys creative projects such as dress up or company branding.
She displays images one at a time to put viewer’s full attention on each one, adding text captions to images to give credit to photographers and makeup artists involved.

Sareena is currently working on a branding endeavor as Brand Ambassador for Choy Diamond Hair.

For more information and a portfolio of her works, visit Sareena’s Official Instagram at www.instagram.com/lovechuu_

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