Revolutionary Resistance Training Pant Debuts On Indiegogo


AGOGIE 2.0 is a genius pant with in-built resistance bands that transforms your daily activities into a workout just with the pant on.

Imagine a great workout just by slipping into a pant! Sounds utopian, right? Well, a new revolutionary pant which is all set to redefine our fitness sessions and make them easier than ever. 200+ professional athletes from NBA, MLB, and NFL and 40+ college sports teams are already using the pant.

Titled “AGOGIE 2.0”, the genius pant is empowered with 8 resistance bands stitched inside to add constant tension to every movement that you perform while wearing the pant. These rubber resistance bands are the ones people usually use to burn fat or strengthen muscles at the gym. But with AGOGIE 2.0, now you have them in-built in a pant for a more convenient way to carry your fitness sessions.

“Forget sleds, clips, straps or cords for workout. We have got a groundbreaking pant for you here that transforms your daily activities into a workout- whether you are mowing your lawn or making your dinner! We have got multiple rubber resistance bands stitched inside the pant to ensure the same workout and fitness benefit that you experience while exercising with resistance bands in a gym. The plus point with AGOGIE 2.0 is that it makes fitness way easier than hitting all the way to the gym”, stated Aaron Mottern, the man behind AGOGIE 2.0.

The in-built resistance bands in AGOGIE adds a layer of active resistance over natural muscle & ligament lines which altogether creates a supreme exoskeleton of resistance.  The pant assures great fitness in 2 major ways-

Muscle activation- With the pants on, the user is able to stretch the resistance bands constantly no matter whatever s/he is doing. After 5-10 minutes, the leg muscles will start to warm up which will raise the body temperature. A higher body temperature is the key to fast fat burn.

Improvement of body strength and support- Thanks to constant resistance while wearing the pant, the user’s muscles will have to work harder to stabilize extra workload. This constant resistance will target the weaker areas of the body and force them to become stronger.

“Added to great fitness, our pant also assures a comfortable all-day wear with its breathable, soft moisture-wicking fabric.”

AGOGIE 2.0 is available in various sizes, ranging from XS to XL.

“Our pant is used by professional athletes and even brands like Reebok and Hype are counting on our unique product. Now we are looking forward to come up with a mass production and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to make the world fitter and healthier in a more convenient and affordable way.”

Check out The AGOGIE 2.0 pants and more information at AGOGIE 2.0 Indiegogo.