World Renowned Swiss Gemologist and Jeweler – SUELLE HARTS

World renowned Suelle Harts is a Swiss gemologist and jeweler, widely known for her uniquely crafted, customized collections of fine-jewelry. Gracing the world of art and fashion with her divine creations since 2011, marked the inception of her very own gemological laboratory in Amsterdam called Harts Gem Lab. Transitioning to a different location, Suelle later moved her business to Zurich, Switzerland.

Born in Boa-Vista, Roraima, Brazil, a great connection was sparked at the age of 5, when Suelle stared at a stunning topaz gem as its sheer beauty unfolded in her palms for the first time. It was that moment of experiencing the powerful energy, and glamour of that little electric pink rarity, that stimulated her young mind into a tireless fascination. With a love for chemistry and history, she often spent her summers visiting mining sites with her parents, who also held a brim-full of passion for jewelery and stood as Suelle’s ultimate tutors.

In pursuit of her dream, she enrolled in the illustrious and oldest establishment of gem and jewellery education, The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, also known as Gem-A. In the field of Science and Minerals, Suelle then graduated in Mineralogy and Gemology, and further established her profession as a Gemstones and Diamonds Scientist. Undeniably, Suelle’s impeccable abilities allow her to intensely focus on fine details, as her eagerness for long-term learning fuels her innovation. Her undying passion to create timeless masterpieces is evident in her well-crafted work, often combining various elements of colours and shapes.

With a client-centred approach, she strives to always bring value to her clients; by engaging in one-on-one sessions to facilitate her creative process. Gaining essential information about their needs, Suelle uses her expertise, ingenuity and visual experience to bring to life, the perfect gemstones for each client. Handcrafting every piece, the preferred moods and uniqueness shine through to fit the theme of every occasion. Inspired by the beauty of nature and its shared interconnectedness allows Suelle to manifest her expressions into works of art. Bridging her scientific side with her infinite creativity, Suelle transforms each gem into a seamless masterpiece, overflowing with direct emotions. Following her philosophy of life, investing in jewellery

is like investing in the future, as jewels travel in time and functions as a symbol of tradition, generation after generation.

Aside from the creative aspect, Suelle uses her career as a platform to engage in philanthropic projects, through involvement in charitable events, to support Brazilian kids and artists from underprivileged communities. Formalizing The Suelle Harts Foundation, her institution draws focus on artistic, educational and social initiatives. Promoting the culture of Brazil, the foundation’s utmost goal is to highlight the lost cultural heritage, as well as modern art and architecture. Traveling from one continent to the next, experiencing different cultures and embracing the pure essence of life itself sparks the magic within Suelle, as she uncovers the beauty from underground. From silver, gold and platinum Suelle Harts continues to embellish semi- precious and precious stones into her timeless designs.

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