The First Cultural Wedding Planner is in Canada

When it comes to throwing a wedding party, there is hardly a cultural one unless if it’s in one’s country. Whimsically calligraphed wedding invitations, styled tablescapes engineered down to the last dessert spoon, are all in the European style.

While these moments showcase in the TV show seem as though they are magic, none of them consider the cultural background and religious traditions that might be important to the couple and their families.

Here come, Queen One Day / Queen Forever, the best cultural wedding planners base in the Canada. These wedding savants who arrange marriages big and small, introduced elements of the couple cultural origins to the ceremony. In this time where cultural difference seems to be taboo especially where their lived, this new innovative trend gets our attention.

Founded by Yvette Perpignan, an 8-years event planning specialist, Queen One Day/Queen Forever is a full-service wedding planning and design firm based in Quebec. Yvette and her co-Director Helene Joseph – a first grade business women – planned to have their events know via a TV show all over the world. For this purpose, they seek Worldwide no financial contributions from celebrities. That a first for us, usually people want money from these well know Stars but Yvette wants celebrities’ used clothing and owned worn item to sell at her fundraising events that will take place right after the election in Quebec. We are curious to see if those famous people will respond to her demands.

One thing’s for sure, Yvette Perpignan has level up the wedding industry by the fact that she didn’t limit Queen One Day/Queen Forever with one repeated style of weddings.

The Fundraising event is going to be a unique perspective that will draw attention to the cultural side of weddings, we will be there to tell you all about that new wave of trend.

Wanna know more about Yvette Perpignan? Stay tuned on our upcoming Oct 2018 WELAB Print Publication.