2019 Up & Coming Hollywood Actor – ALESSIO MONGARDI

Alessio Mongardi, Los Angeles based actor and writer. He studied theatre in Italy before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at New York Film Academy. Alessio proved his talent from the start, but most importantly he showed his dedication, his commitment, and his natural goofy attitude; all things that make him a good presence on set. Alessio’s passion for movie-making isn’t restricted to one side of the screen, as he loves both writing and acting. Coming from a traditional country, Alessio hopes to one day be able to export the open-mindedness and culture of today’s Hollywood industry back to Europe, showcasing the best of both worlds. Alessio has spent part of his time working on commercials, but ultimately wants the big screen to be his stage. His focus is to make a positive difference, telling stories like Love Simon, Crazy Rich Asians, or Wonder Woman: tales that help shape the future of our society.


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