A New Luxury Brand Is Born. Remember her name OLGA DRIGA

Olga Driga is a French designer of her own brand – Audrey Soie. Olga knows how to fill plain daily activity with bright colors and positive emotions. Her scarves will bring anyone to a special world that’s full of sweet memories. Olga believes that every scarf has its own story! All Audrey Soie accessories are…


Gerald Milton, is a hip hop artist and a sound engineer who signed under Slam Entertainment. Grew up in the Igbo Nation, Milton’s rap music style was influenced by his brothers. Milton blends rap with reggae and afrobeat styles to create his unique sounds. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria and is of Nigerian origin….

Our March 2017 Cover Girl from England- AMANDA TINKLER

A British singer/songwriter who truly embodies a fresh, organic sound was born and raised in a tiny village in England. In 2002 after auditioning for UK Tv show “Stars in their Eyes” Amanda Tinkler was the first to be selected for the Kids version of the show and was named by shows host Matthew Kelly…

KARY SIT Only Gets Younger!!

From being a songwriter, a music producer, a recording artist to a multi-entertainer. Kary Sit takes pride in every step of her journey. A very exclusive interview with this pop star. For the first time, Kary told WELAB about something she never told the world. Grab a hardcopy of January 2017 print issue for the exclusive cover story of Kary Sit.