(BUY PRINT) May 2017 – Would Not Do Anything Different

WELAB Magazine – May 2017 This Issue Includes: Gerald Milton, Joan Reid, Karma Butler, Patrick Dreama, Bob Pepek, Anzi, Kia’s Jewels, Evie Ry, Tony Gibbons, Mariano Schiavolini, Phil Joseph, Gina Brooklyn and Vincent Chan. CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER: WELAB Magazine – May 2017 By WELAB Magazine 44 pages, published 5/23/2017

Run Away – ANZI

Anzi‘s new single – Run Away Anzi is a singer and songwriter with a stunning voice and with a truly unique approach to songwriting and performing. Her songs are sweet, emotional and full of gripping melodies. Her most recent single, “Run Away”, is an amazing example of her trademark style and attitude. The track is bright,…