(BUY PRINT) AUGUST 2017 – That’s How A Luxury Brand Was Born

WELAB Magazine – August 2017 This Issue Includes: Olga Driga, Hayley Lam, Johnny Dynamyt Kroon, Roberto Fasciani, Walter Miller, Kat Black, Shannon K, Tasos Petsas, Novel “Hooly” The Goat, Jay Sajid, Bool and Shyla Day. CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER: WELAB Magazine – August 2017 By WELAB Magazine 42 pages, published 8/1/2017

“Fly With Me” BOOL Are Ready For Take-Off!

Let’s take 4 boys from the Ruhr area, a quite bit passion, much spirit of the 1990’s and combine it with catchy melodies. The BOOL formula sounds easy and still there is a much multifaceted rock-, grunge- & alternative mix, far from genre conventions, in order to fascinate the audience on the record turntable and…