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WELAB Magazine – October 2018  This Issue Includes: Suelle Harts, Dr. Linda Amerson, Alessio Mongardi, Yvette Perpignan, Johnny Gee, Daisy the Cup, Jamie On, Kary Sit, and Alexa Calvin. CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER:   WELAB Magazine – October 2018 By WELAB Magazine 44 pages, published 10/1/2018

Alopecia Awareness Philanthropy of Educational Scholarships in September 2018

Dr. Linda Amerson is CEO/President of LA’s Hair & Scalp Clinic.  For 38 + years, she specializes in analyzing and treating Alopecia and scalp disorder maladies. Dr. Amerson retails her own exclusive product line, Dr. Amerson’s Therapeutic Essentials, LLC.  Manufactured by Award Winning GDMI, Inc.  This national brand of exclusive products, address Alopecia, scalp conditions, and skin conditions.  As an Educator,…