(BUY PRINT) May 2017 – Would Not Do Anything Different

WELAB Magazine – May 2017 This Issue Includes: Gerald Milton, Joan Reid, Karma Butler, Patrick Dreama, Bob Pepek, Anzi, Kia’s Jewels, Evie Ry, Tony Gibbons, Mariano Schiavolini, Phil Joseph, Gina Brooklyn and Vincent Chan. CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER: WELAB Magazine – May 2017 By WELAB Magazine 44 pages, published 5/23/2017

It All Started From Dancing With The Stars – EVIE RY

Evie Ry is an independent internationally acclaimed makeup artist. She started her career in a small city in Russia, where she mostly worked with clients and on fashion shoots helping her photographer-friends and then a career move to Moscow followed. After attending one of the workshops she was offered to work on a TV show…