(BUY PRINT) DECEMBER 2017 – How to Party Like a Pro 🎄

WELAB Magazine – December 2017 (Holiday Edition)  This Issue Includes: Heather Fay, ErikaWithAK, Christopher Laird, Garscon 24, Jazzy J, Kary Sit, Kenzy Dubreas, Mohammed Nasser Al-Muneer, Paul Nilson Junior, Ryan Carter, Sean Patrick, Silvia Busacca, and Soaring Soul Compositions. CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER: WELAB Magazine – December 2017 By WELAB Magazine 54 pages, published 12/1/2017

Grown In Music – JAZZY J

Hailing from the cityscapes of the true north of Toronto, multifaceted Canadian Artist/Producer Jazzy J (AKA Jazzy Gaza J) that specializes in a vast array of genres such as Rap, Reggae, Trap, Hip Hop, Classical, Chill Trip, Afrobeat, Reggaeton, and EDM began hitting the ground running with his music career around 2011 with an insatiable…