(BUY PRINT) FEBRUARY 2018 – How to Decode the Secret of Life

WELAB Magazine – February 2018  This Issue Includes: Avinash Singh, Mallika Mehta, Ethan Paisley, London King, Maximillian Orlando, Zoolicious, Cooly Beans, Pothead Janey, Dr. Gee, and Johnnie James. CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER: WELAB Magazine – February 2018 By WELAB Magazine 42 pages, published 2/1/2018

The Rise of A Pop Diva In 2018 – LONDON KING

Despite her extremely young age, singer-songwriter London King has her mind already made up. She knew who she wanted to be, since age 4, when she officially started performing on stage as a child actress. At age 11, King discovered another big talent: singing and writing. She wrote her very first song “Sinking in the…