(BUY PRINT) DECEMBER 2017 – How to Party Like a Pro 🎄

WELAB Magazine – December 2017 (Holiday Edition)  This Issue Includes: Heather Fay, ErikaWithAK, Christopher Laird, Garscon 24, Jazzy J, Kary Sit, Kenzy Dubreas, Mohammed Nasser Al-Muneer, Paul Nilson Junior, Ryan Carter, Sean Patrick, Silvia Busacca, and Soaring Soul Compositions. CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER: WELAB Magazine – December 2017 By WELAB Magazine 54 pages, published 12/1/2017

(BUY PRINT) OCTOBER 2017 – How Fashion Model Turned Miss Europe

WELAB Magazine – October 2017 This Issue Includes: Lia Kees, Gigi Cesare, HAJ Fashion, J Chamberlain, Weston Simonis, Miss JenU1, Grasshead, Matej Dezelak, Bella Bello Oggi, Jim and Mandy, The Law of Attraction And Gratitude, Kaseeno, and Dr. Isola O. Busuyi CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER: WELAB Magazine – October 2017 By WELAB Magazine 46 pages, published…

(BUY PRINT) March 2017 – Take Over The World

WELAB Magazine – March 2017 This Issue Includes: Amanda Tinkler, Farewell My Love, Thomas Parisch, Chase Bell, CJ2Much, Christian Vind, Shinobi Ninja, Mallika Mehta, Luanne Hunt, Bradley Bowen, Marko Stout, Alessia Bonacci and Jessie Levine. CLICK IMAGE TO BUY PRINT: WELAB Magazine – March 2017 By WELAB Magazine 40 pages, published 3/1/2017

Our March 2017 Cover Girl from England- AMANDA TINKLER

A British singer/songwriter who truly embodies a fresh, organic sound was born and raised in a tiny village in England. In 2002 after auditioning for UK Tv show “Stars in their Eyes” Amanda Tinkler was the first to be selected for the Kids version of the show and was named by shows host Matthew Kelly…