(BUY PRINT) DECEMBER 2017 – How to Party Like a Pro 🎄

WELAB Magazine – December 2017 (Holiday Edition)  This Issue Includes: Heather Fay, ErikaWithAK, Christopher Laird, Garscon 24, Jazzy J, Kary Sit, Kenzy Dubreas, Mohammed Nasser Al-Muneer, Paul Nilson Junior, Ryan Carter, Sean Patrick, Silvia Busacca, and Soaring Soul Compositions. CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER: WELAB Magazine – December 2017 By WELAB Magazine 54 pages, published 12/1/2017

SOARING SOUL COMPOSITIONS Blooms, Blossoms, & Flourishes

In Nashville, Tennessee, Soaring Soul Compositions announces their upcoming album “Bloom into Blossom”, but not as an up and coming artist, but rather impassioned college students with a cause. The 501(c)(3) non-profit originated only a year ago, and shows no signs of slowing down. The organization composes specialized classical pieces for childhood cancer patients, and…